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How To Tell If You Need Roof Replacement Or Repair

Roof damage is a gradual but inescapable process. No matter the quality of your roof, it will wear out and require renovation at some point.

When the signs of deterioration are apparent, choosing between roof replacement or repairs can be confusing. Evaluating the extent of the damage to determine the best cause of action. Let’s see when each of these roofing solutions is suitable for your home.

Roof Repair

Asphalt shingles are famous for their aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness. There are times when patching up damaged areas makes more sense than replacing the entire roof. For instance:

  • There are no leaks
  • There are minor leaks on one or a few sections
  • Your roof is under 10 years
  • Your shingles are in good condition
  • The wind hasn’t damaged many shingles
  • You haven’t repaired the roof before

A roofing expert should inspect the underlayment and the deck as the rest of the roof is being inspected. Also, new shingles might not blend in with a roof subjected to weather elements for years.

Roof Replacement

As explained, repairs won’t work for every scenario. There are times when replacing your roof makes more sense than patching up some parts. Let’s discuss some grounds for roof replacement.

  • Old Roofs – Roofs have a lifespan and even with the best care they won’t last forever. You should have a budget to replace the roof when signs of aging start showing to prevent surprises.
  • Water Damage – Mold, peeling paint, and brown stains on walls and the ceiling indicate water damage. Consider a roof replacement if the signs are widespread across the building.
  • Catastrophic WeatherTornados, hurricanes, harsh winters, and violent storms can wreak havoc on roofs. You may need a roof replacement after such disasters hit your home.
  • Repeated RepairsAre you patching up your roof often? Eventually, repairs become obsolete and installing a new roof will be necessary.
  • Missing Shingles – Replace your roof if a considerable number of shingles are missing or loose. If 25% of your rooftop, for instance, has absent and lifted shingles, install a new roof.

A professional roof inspection is critical when deliberating roof replacement vs roof repair. The untrained eye might miss some detail and cause expensive mistakes.