915 St. Charles Place, Ocean City NJ


This 2 story, 300 square foot flat roof sat atop a beautiful, existing home. Located at the intersection of the Ocean City Boardwalk entrance & Browns Restaurant, this multi-million dollar home sees a lot of visitors. Being that the home sits 100 feet away from the beach front, it endures a good amount of high velocity wind & rain storms. As these storms persist, it takes a damaging toll on most flat roof surfaces in that area. Take a look at what “The Homeowner’s Heroes” did!


After the homeowner contacted us regarding some issues that were occurring; Surf & Turf professionals scheduled a prompt appointment to manage their situation. Within seconds of the homeowner contacting us, our administrative end collected all of the information needed. We scheduled an immediate inspection – in doing this, we gave the homeowner peace of mind knowing that roofing professionals were going to assist them quickly. Once on the roof for the inspection, it was clear where & what the issues were. While on the inspection, we noticed that the existing roofing system was a Ruberoid, torch down system with a coat of Silver-Coat on top. You see these systems a lot in the Philadelphia row home systems. The issue that occurs is that over time, the weight of the Torch Down & Silver-Coat ends up flattening the insulation underneath; as this problem continues, the roof begins to sag into what we call Low Lying Areas. These areas continue to build up Ponding Water. As ponding water sits, it starts to deteriorate the system, causing mass amount of water infiltration.

Best Roofing Practice Proposed

In evaluating the roof, we decided that the low lying areas were going to play a role in its longevity. In ideal situations, best roofing practice calls for: Removing the existing system down to its structural decking, replacing the existing insulation with R 30 (or better) roof insulation, mechanically fasten a single ply system (TPO, PVC, EPDM), install all flashing & weatherproofing details throughout, & replace metal(s) that could be installed wrong or effected during the removal. Keeping budget in mind, here’s what we did!

Method Sold

As the numbers to do the project were increasing, we decided to appease the homeowners eyes & budgeting by offering the following: We power-washed the existing roofing system (getting most of the Silver-Coat off), dried the roof, patched areas that were bubbling & had air pockets with butter-grade flashing & polyester mesh, applied Ultra Base Primer at a rate of » 1-1/2 gallons per square, applied 100% Super Silicone at a rate of » 1-1/2 gallons per square, & hand fabricated & bent new edge metal around the entire perimeter to be installed.

End Result

We were able to meet the business owner’s budget by reducing the original & also provided the following:

– 50 year material warranty

– Annual, sustainable service plan with (2) inspections per year

– Reduced energy in using a white roof

– Peace of mind & comfort knowing Surf & Turf provided a class A roofing system & will continue to provide maintenance as needed!

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