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Roof Repairs in Absecon, NJ

Exceptional customer service and communication is our goal during every one of our roofing projects, whether it’s minor roof repairs or total roof replacement.

We know that our customers want to know what’s going on during their roofing project, and can’t always see it for themselves. That’s why we provide video updates and keep our customers informed at all times.

During this roof repair project in Absecon, NJ, the project manager updates the customer on the progress of their roofing job by doing mid-job video analysis.

Slope Replacement in Absecon, NJ

We used synthetic underlayment in the middle and Ice & Water Shield by Owens Corning on the perimeter, especially the roof-to-wall section. This underlayment will provide excellent protection against water infiltration.

We also installed a brand new ridge vent to provide the ventilation this roof needs. This concept helps to prevent mold and deterioration of the underside of the roof deck, rafters, and trusses.

Check out the photos of this project below. You’ll see that our roofing quality and customer service are top notch.

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