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Fox Sparrow Turn Roof Replacement in Vincentown, NJ

It’s very important that any punctures through your roof (for things like plumbing or electrical wires) are properly collared and waterproofed.

Every inch of your roof is carefully reviewed to make sure it’s strong so you, your family, and belongings are safe and secure!

When we replace shingles or do a total roof replacement we always check to make sure the decking (the wood beneath the shingles) is solid and intact. If there are any vulnerabilities from water damage or rot, we replace that, too!

Here are photos of us clearing off the debris from newly replaced roof decking so that it is properly prepped for total protection products from Owen’s Corning! Up next… waterproof layers!

Rolling out the Owen’s Corning Pro Armor shield for total waterproofing protection! Stay dry. Stay safe. That’s why we use Owen’s Corning Products!

Contact us for your next roofing repair or replacement!