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Surf & Turf Roofing Safety Training Session 2020

At Surf & Turf Roofing Our tagline is “Strength. Safety. Security.” Those words apply mostly to our homeowners. We want our clients to have a strong roof, be safe from the elements, and be secure in their own house. However, did you know we also put a lot of effort into training and procedures so […]

Roof Repairs on Home in Villas, NJ

Why completely replace your roof when you can repair it? Just a few minor tweaks on this roof and it literally goes from run-down looking, to totally updated! We kept the main portion of the roof and the majority of the shingles, but we were able to improve the breathability of the roof by fixing […]

Fox Sparrow Turn Roof Replacement in Vincentown, NJ

It’s very important that any punctures through your roof (for things like plumbing or electrical wires) are properly collared and waterproofed. Every inch of your roof is carefully reviewed to make sure it’s strong so you, your family, and belongings are safe and secure! When we replace shingles or do a total roof replacement we […]

Surf & Turf Company Meeting on May 30, 2020

Roofing was and continues to be the first line of defense between nature’s force and you, your home, your family, your belongings. We take our role in protecting you very seriously. In addition to rigorous onboard trainings, process reviews, and safety trainings, we also host meetings quarterly. We’re able to Zoom with both of our […]