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How To Know When Your Skylights Can Be Repaired

Skylights are a great addition to a home. They provide natural light without compromising your comfort and privacy. But if you’ve ever experienced a leaky skylight, you’ll agree that skylight cracks or leaks can be far more complicated to identify than an average window problem. But, can skylights be repaired?

Yes, it is possible to repair a skylight depending on the cause of the leak. You’ll need a qualified roofing contractor to inspect your skylight and advise whether it is repairable or its time to replace the fixture.

Causes of Leaking Skylights

A continuous leak is often the primary sign of a damaged skylight. If you notice condensation on the inside of the skyline glass, it is possible it has a leak. However, condensation can naturally occur in damp rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. In such cases, you’ll need to investigate further to find the actual source of condensation.

Here are the common signs that your skylights can be repaired.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is the metal surrounding your skylight and secures it to the rest of the roof. Since the flashing is continuously exposed to outside weather, it can corrode and break down over time. When the flashing begins to let in water, your roofer may temporarily repair it by using roof flushing cement. Ultimately, your roofer can remove shingles surrounding the skylight and install new flashing.

Roof Cement

If the skylight was originally secured with roof cement, the cement can crack over time and let water through when it rains. The tiny pigeon holes can be sealed by removing the worn-out roof cement and replacing it with fresh roof cement.

Bad Installation

If you did not use a qualified roofing contractor to install your skylights, leaks could happen sooner than you anticipated. You can rectify the anomalies by hiring an experienced roofer. They will also inspect the insulation around the skylight window and conceal it accordingly.

When Skylights Can’t Be Repaired

There are instances when repairing a skylight may not be viable, for instance, cracked glass or blocked weep holes. High-quality skylights are made with weep holes to allow condensation to evaporate into the atmosphere instead of dripping back to your floor. If the weep holes become clogged or blocked, you won’t possibly rectify the problem even by replacing the glass. You may need to replace the entire fixture. Additionally, a cracked skylight glass may need to be replaced.

Work with a Roofing Expert

It’s often difficult to identify the cause of leaks in a skylight by just looking at it. Have a professional diagnose the issue and recommend the best mitigation procedure. Surf & Turf Roofing can help you repair or replace your leaking skylight before it turns into a waterfall. Contact us today for any questions about skylight installation, repair, or replacement.