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How to Understand What a Nor‘easter Can Do to Your Roof

How to Understand What a Nor‘easter Can Do to Your Roof

Your roof is meant to help protect your home from the elements; however, every once in a while, your roof will not be able to withstand a major storm. The severity of the resulting damage depends greatly on the storm. For example, a nor’easter can cause serious damage, which is why you’ll want to make sure you properly prepare for a nor’easter, especially here in South Jersey.

What is a Nor’easter?

A nor’easter is a storm that consists of strong winds which come from the northeast off of the Atlantic Ocean (which is how it got its name). This type of storm generally only affects areas along the east coast. In fact, they most commonly develop between Georgia and New Jersey. They can happen at any time during the year; however, they most commonly form from September through April. A nor’easter forms when the warm air over the Atlantic Ocean clashes with the arctic cold to the north and west.

How Can a Nor’easter Damage Your Roof?

Nor’easters are known for their high-powered winds, but they can also bring along heavy rain and snowfall, depending on the time of year. As such, they can cause damage to your roof in a number of ways. For example, high winds can cause debris to fly into your roof, damaging your shingles. High winds can also cause damage by loosening or even ripping off shingles and flashing from your roof, leaving your roof more exposed to potential leaks and water damage. Your gutter system may also experience damage as a result of high powered winds.

How Can You Prepare for a Nor’easter?

Your roof is more likely to experience damage during a nor’easter if it has existing issues. For example, shingles or flashing which are already damaged or loose are more likely to be pulled off by high powered winds. If your roof has minor leaks already, a nor’easter could cause those leaks to worsen. As such, the best thing you can do is to schedule a professional roof inspection. During a roof inspection, a professional roofer will evaluate the current condition of your roof. By addressing any issues found during the inspection, you’ll help prevent those issues from growing into major problems during a nor’easter.

A nor’easter can cause serious damage to your home, so be sure to prepare your roof by scheduling an inspection. To schedule a roof inspection in South Jersey before you’re hit by a nor’easter, be sure to contact us at Surf & Turf Roofing today.