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What Kinds of Damage Can a Storm Do To Your Roof?

The hurricane season often brings powerful storms to South Jersey and its surroundings. It comes with strong winds, and heavy rains or hail, which sometimes result in roof damage to homes.

The destruction of a roof can be evident right after a storm, or it can take time to manifest itself. A roofing expert can inspect your roof and repair it professionally to prevent further damage.

Let’s see how a storm can ruin your roof.


High-speed winds are notorious for loosening and plucking out shingles. Evidence of wind damage is missing shingles or creases at the point where wind lifts them up. The edges of the roof are the most vulnerable areas to this kind of destruction.

Modern roofing materials have designs capable of high wind resistance. However, extreme winds such as the ones experienced in hurricanes can still cause immense damage to your roof.


Violent storms swirl all types of things in the air. Objects can hit your roof and cause slight or severe destruction. The impact can shatter the material inside the shingles and speed up its decomposition.

Trapped Water

Water comes from rainfall or melted snow. If it gets trapped for some reason, the liquid can rot the roof structure and seep into the house. Signs of water damage include holes in the roof and dark stains on the walls. Timely repair by a storm damage roof replacement company can stop the destruction.


When hail hits your roof, it can knock off the protective granules at the point of impact. The damaged areas are potential points of water leakage in the future if not repaired. Hail damage often appears as dings on metallic parts of the roof.

Ice and Snow

Roofs may be destroyed during winter due to a cycle of melting and refreezing of ice as temperatures fluctuate. Ice dams form, making it impossible for water to drain through the gutter system. The roof has to support the accumulated ice and water. As a result, the roof can sag or even collapse. Water can also seep into the house and trigger the growth of molds.

Roof Inspection and Repair

After any storm, it’s advisable to inspect your roof and get any necessary repairs done. You can identify roof damage by performing an inspection from the ground or the attic. Calling your local roof replacement expert to come inspect your roof is also important. They will spot even the slightest damage and fix it before it worsens. If you reside around South Jersey, call Surf & Turf Roofing for exceptional storm damage roof replacement services.