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Total Roof Replacement in Somers Point, NJ

For this project we did a Total Roof Replacement utilizing the Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System.

The Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System is more than just a new roof. It’s an integrated system of components and layers designed to allow your roof to seal, defend, and breathe. It starts with the sealing, which creates a water-proof barrier.

That is covered with the layer of defense. This helps your roof resists blow offs and helps shed water away from the roof deck. It also helps protect the most vulnerable areas such as eaves and peaks.

Topping off the system is the Breathe layer, which reduces heat and moisture buildup that can lead to ice damming, roof deterioration, and mold infestation. Optimizing air flow through your attic is key.

Before we completed the total roof replacement, we replaced the rotten decking beneath the old shingles and installed Owens Corning Pro-Armor Underlayment.

Owens Corning Pro-Armor Underlayment repels moisture and helps provide protection against water infiltration. It’s a strong, durable and important part of the Total Protection Roofing System.

We only use the best products for our customers, paired with the best customer service!

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