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3 Ways Skylights Add Value To Your Home

Skylights provide numerous benefits to a home. But, first, you need to choose the right equipment and have it installed by a professional roofing contractor. No skylight installation is the same because every homeowner considers them for different reasons. Some look for natural light in their bedrooms or bathrooms while others look for better ventilation or solar-generated heat indoors.

But do skylights add value to your home? Here are some ways skylights could increase the value of your home.

1. Natural Light

Adding a skylight to your home effectively increases natural lighting to your living spaces, which improves indoor air quality, improved health, and enhances your mood.

The fresh air from vented skylights allows you to add another level of temperature control. With natural light comes solar heat that can improve your indoor temperatures during cold weather. Again, most skylights can be opened or closed remotely depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

2. Better Indoor Air Quality

Most skylights are designed to open and allow fresh air into your home. When a skylight opens up, stale air in your home will move up and escape through the window and fresh air will flow in. Moreover, a skylight does not draw electricity like a vent fan, allowing you to enjoy fresh natural air at zero energy cost.

3. Energy Efficiency

Since skylights allow in natural light to dark rooms, you won’t have to switch on electricity-powered lights, which reduces your energy bills. Additionally, sunlight can heat up your spaces and allow for cross ventilation to cool them down. This is a great way to cut down your HVAC energy costs. However, you need to consider leak-proof skylights with laminated glass to minimize energy loss.

Bonus: Aesthetics

Skylights help to illuminate dark areas in your home with natural light, which adds some aesthetics. Cosmetic features of skylights can increase your home’s value by improving the overall look and appeal of otherwise dark, gloomy spaces.

Skylights have also been proven to boost mood and productivity.  So, you can draw in buyers to your home by installing aesthetically appealing, high-efficient skylights in your home.

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