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Roof Replacement in Lakeland, NJ.

Navigating roof replacement is easier with our expert team guiding you at every step, from selection to installation.
Steve D

Absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. We have a house built in the 1940s -- classic shore home. The crew was friendly and finished the entire job in one day. They kept us up-to-date during the entire process. We got an estimate and within a few weeks they were here. Getting contractors at the shore is next to impossible so we are thrilled at their ability to take in this project so quickly. The office staff was great and kept us informed about the scheduling and payments, Thanks to the entire crew.

Laura Huberman

Surf and Turf did a wonderful job on replacing my roof. They were on time, professional, efficient, and did a great job with disposal of debris. Jake and Tyler were fantastic to work with and gave a lot of attention to this project and exceeded all of my expectations. I highly recommend this company!!

Andrew Widman

I recently had work down to my home by Surf&Turf Roofing and the overall experience was excellent and painless. Everyone was diligent and knew their job. The job leader (Owen) was honest and punctual. He made sure any concerns I had were addressed and that every aspect of the job was done to my satisfaction. I am very happy w the results. I needed gutters, soffits repairs and siding installed as well as attic venting.They handled all of it and kept me in the loop the whole time. I would absolutely recommend.

Lynn Wingender

Jake and his team were great to work with! Professional and pleasant , Jake reviewed the project prior so we knew what to expect and they completed the roof and skylight job efficiently. My home was left clean and without debris. I feel Jake went the extra mile to help us deal with ants discovered ( eeew) and assisting with additional pictures for ins documentation. Thanks for a great job would definitely recommend!

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Get Stress-Free Roof Replacement Services From Surf and Turf Roofing In Lakeland, NJ

Unless something goes wrong, your roof doesn’t get much attention. Damaged shingles or a leaking attic are examples of roofing issues. It’s time to get a new roof instead of trying to fix the old one. A roof replacement becomes necessary after significant damage.

The best way to get started on a roof replacement project is to talk to our roofing contractors near me at Surf and Turf Roofing in Lakeland, NJ. We adjust our roofing services to fit any budget. We work at your convenient time to minimize inconvenience.

Our best roofing company near me helps locals with roofing upgrades in Camden County. The customers of Surf and Turf Roofing benefit from our expertise in roofing services. You can learn more about our new roof replacement options and how they can improve the safety of your home by scheduling a free estimate today.

Premium Standards Expect nothing less than premium standards in every roof replacement project we undertake.
Comprehensive Warranty Coverage Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty coverage for all roof replacement jobs.
Continuous Professional Development in Roofing We invest in continuous professional development, keeping our roof replacement skills sharp and efficient.

Benefits Of Roof Replacement For Homeowners

When a roof starts leaking, you must address this emergency immediately, but the money spent on a professional roof replacement will pay off for years. You must care for your roof’s safety, longevity, and usefulness as a homeowner in Lakeland, NJ.

Replacing your roof too soon may be unwise, but doing so timely can protect your home and investment for the long term. We have listed below the most important long-term benefits of a timely roof replacement that every homeowner should know about:

1) Save Money On Maintenance

As your roof ages, the likelihood of a roof leak increases over time. The roof replacement is less likely to develop a leak. After a certain point, it is no longer cost-effective to delay the roof replacement due to the increasing costs of routine maintenance and repairs. If you need a roof repair multiple times yearly, you should go for a roof replacement.

High-quality roofing requires less maintenance over time. Asphalt shingles may be expensive initially, but they save money in the long run because they need fewer roof repairs. New roofs require less maintenance regardless of the material than their older counterparts.

2) Prevent Interior Water Damage

You must avoid water damage to your home’s interior. The interior water damage can lead to issues like warped drywall ceilings, damaged flooring, damaged electronics, wet carpeting, and other problems.

You should hire the best roofing company near me to fix the interiors of your house. It can easily cost thousands of dollars. It is preferable to invest in new roof replacements to reduce this damage!

3) Liability

It can be difficult to see the long-term benefits of a new roof. Modern roofing services are safer, less likely to cause an accident, and unlikely to pose a liability issue.

Once your roof reaches a certain age, it is no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty. Your insurance company may refuse to cover the damages if it is in poor condition. Depending on your insurance company’s restrictions, you can get better coverage with a roof replacement.

4) Improves Your Home’s Resale Value

Another advantage of roof replacement is that it increases the market value of your property. The roofers near me make it faster to sell your house at a higher selling price.

Upgrade Your Roof With Our Roof Replacement Services!

If you are not fixing the problem, it gets worse. In Lakeland, NJ, let the skilled roofing contractors near me at Surf and Turf Roofing advise you on the best roofing materials and designs for your needs and budget.

Surf and Turf Roofing provides roof repair, installation, and repair services in Camden County. We’ve seen it all and take pride in providing our customers with the best roofing services possible as we try to meet their roofing needs.

Contact the best roofing company near me, Surf and Turf Roofing, at 609-365-7663 today to schedule an inspection and find out whether your roofing problem can be fixed with the roof repair or if we need to create a strategy to begin an estimate for a roof replacement.

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