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3 Benefits You Get From A Residential Roof Inspection

Your home’s roof represents not only the first line of defense against storms and other potential damage but also a sizable investment. It only makes sense to keep it in the best shape possible, which is among the many reasons you should schedule regular inspections with a professional roofer. Doing so offers a lot of benefits.

Why you need a roof inspection

The list of reasons why a roof inspection is necessary is a long one. For one, it helps to ensure your roof’s longevity because a professional roofer can spot minor problems before they become bigger ones.  For another, if your roof is damaged by severe storms and other adverse weather, many insurance companies won’t cover the cost of a full replacement if you cannot prove you have kept up on the maintenance. Also, you can void your roof’s warranty when damage occurs without proof of professional inspections.

How often you should schedule a roof inspection

You should schedule a roof inspection once a year at a minimum. If possible, have your roof inspected twice a year.

The benefits of a roof inspection

We’ve discussed the importance of roof inspections and here are the benefits you receive.

  1. Peace of mind – When bad weather hits, it’s nice to know your roof provides the security you need and expect. Inclement weather such as heavy rain can lead to leaks, which not only cause damage to your roof but to your home’s interior, as well. Whether you suspect your roof has damage or not, scheduling a roof inspection is a wise investment.
  2. Needed repairs – A professional roofer will make note of roof damage others may not see. In turn, they’ll schedule repairs to prevent minor problems from turning into significant damage – which can lead to more expensive repairs and even a roof replacement before it is truly needed.
  3. A sound roof – Professional roof inspection involves much more than just looking for routine problems, such as missing shingles. It also consists of an inspection of your roof’s sub-surface integrity, as well as an assessment of ventilation, insulation, and moisture levels.

It’s always wise to trust a qualified, local contractor when scheduling a roof inspection for your home. Surf & Turf Roofing serves the Sarasota area and also South Jersey. We have the experience and knowledge to keep your roof in its best condition. Connect with us today to schedule your inspection!