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How You Can Finance Your Next Roof Replacement

Between the plink-plinks of water dripping from your leaky roof into buckets, you try to discuss with your family how, exactly, you are going to afford a new roof. Squeezing out the sponge, one of your dear, damp family members asks, “Can you finance roof replacement?” Suddenly, you realize: you don’t know! 

Yes, You Can!

Some roofers will ask you how you intend to finance your roof, putting the burden back on you. A quality, local roofer will have relationships with local lenders so you can get financing through the roofer. 

In some cases, you can arrange 100 percent financing through your roofer, so the lender pays the roofer directly for your entire roof replacement. Depending on your credit history, you can benefit from low-interest rates and low monthly payments. 

Most roofers offering financing are able to connect you with several lenders, not just a single bank or credit union. This can save you money, time, and interest charges. 

Umbrella Protection

By financing the roof replacement through the residential roofer doing the job, you get umbrella protection. The roofer performs the work quickly and confidently because the financing company will only payout on the completed job. No need to worry about a less-than-reputable roofer starting a job, taking the half or one-third down payment, and disappearing. 

The best way to achieve start-to-finish confidence is by engaging a smart, dependable roofer based on strong credentials and great customer references. Arrange financing for your roof through the roofer. Let the financing company handle the headaches while you schedule the perfect roof replacement. 


Very few roofers can also act as advocates on your behalf, helping to select the ideal lender for your needs. At Surf & Turf Roofing, all our estimators are qualified and happy to discuss the right financing options for you and your project.

Stay Local

By working with a local, established roofer, you tap into the financing network that roofer has already established. You need not be a roofing expert, a long-time resident, or a financing genius to leverage your roof replacement.

Go ahead. Ask, “Can you finance roof replacement?” A dependable, trustworthy roofer like Surf & Turf Roofing confidently answers back, “Yes, you can, with us!” 

When you call Surf & Turf Roofing, you partner with the acknowledged leader in roofing, gutter, and gutter guards. Contact us today to see how we can solve your roof replacement financing dilemma.