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Magnolia Road, New Jersey Roof Replacement by Surf & Turf Roofing

We were happy to take care of the residents of this beautiful New Jersey home and serve them with a total roof replacement.

Tarps are draped on the front of this Magnolia Rd house in New Jersey so that we can remove shingles easily. The plywood decking beneath the aged shingles is inspected and replaced as needed. We prep the air gap to ensure that the new roof can breath. A roof with good air flow prevents mold and deterioration on the underside of the roof deck and on the rafters or trusses which need to remain structurally sound. A well ventilated roof safeguards items stored in the attic against mildew and reduces attic condensation which can cause interior damage, cause rust on anything metal in the attic and ruin insulation.

Our Owen’s Corning Total Protection roofing systems include ice and water barriers and deck defense layers. This ensures a completely waterproof seal on the roof. The old electrical collars were removed and then new Owen’s Corning shingles and pipe protection were applied. We also ensured that the chimney and pipes were flashed correctly to prevent leaks. At the end of this job the roof is now completely ventilated, and the homeowner is totally protected! All in a days work for Surf & Turf Roofing.

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