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How Your Roofer Estimates Your Roof Replacement Costs

Having a high-quality roof is an important part of keeping your Sarasota home safe from the elements, such as high winds and rainwater. When it’s time for a new roof, how much can you expect to pay? Find out more about how your roofer estimates roof replacement costs.

Roofers take several factors into consideration in order to come up with a roof replacement estimate. The factors affecting how much your roof replacement is estimated at include the following.

Roof Height

Replacing a roof on a ranch or one-story house usually costs less in terms of labor than replacing a roof on a two-story or three-story home. The higher your roof is, the more labor goes into replacing it. Roofers need to spend time and effort carefully getting up to your roof and safely doing their job.

Roof Pitch

The pitch or slant of your roof is also a safety factor that can affect your estimate. Doing work on a roof with a steeper pitch involves a much higher level of safety. This can increase the cost of labor for your roof replacement, especially if it will take longer due to safety concerns.

Roof Layers

The number of roof layers needing to be removed can affect your estimate. A higher number of layers means your roof replacement will take longer to do and involve more labor. This increases your roof replacement estimate compared to a shorter time frame and less labor.

Roofing Material

Roofing materials can range considerably in price. For example, shingles made of asphalt generally cost less than metal or slate tiles. Choosing a more costly material means you can expect a higher estimate overall.

Decking Removal

Decking provides protection from the elements and serves as the foundation of your roof. Having old decking removed is typically part of the process when you have your roof replaced.

Square Footage

The amount of square footage your roof has is factored into your estimate. Wider roofs, such as those on ranch homes, will have more square footage than roofs on two-story homes. Needing to have more square footage installed results in a higher roof replacement estimate.

If you need a roof replacement for your Sarasota home, please contact Surf and Turf Roofing today. Our team members offer reliable roofing services to protect your home from wind and water damage.