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Best Material for Your Flat Roof

What is the best material for your flat roof?

Shingles are not advised for a flat roof, or even a flat section of a shingled roofing system. If you have a flat or low-pitch roof, don’t shingle your roof!

Shingle roofing requires a minimum pitch of 2/12. This means that every 12 inches the roof rises 2 inches. This pitch allows water to roll off the roof. Without this minimum pitch, water pools on top of the shingles, which are not sealed. Eventually this water will leak through the shingles and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home.

Silicone Coating for Flat Roofing

Silicone coating is a great option for flat roofs because it is not water based and therefore absorbs no moisture, allowing it to withstand pooling water indefinitely. Another bonus to silicone coating for flat roofing is the lifespan. When applied properly with the correct thickness, and proper annual maintenance performed, it can last up to 15 years.

Check out this recent flat roof we did on Sylvania Place in Forked River, NJ!

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Best Material for Your Flat Roof

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