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Total Roof Replacement on Sicklerville, NJ Home

Total Roof Replacement Project in Sicklerville, NJ

In this total roof replacement, we hand-nailed ridge caps at the top of the ridge utilizing Owen Corning’s SureNail® Technology. The SureNail® Technology also ensures we have a 130 mile per hour wind rating all the way from the ridge down across the entire roofing system.

We also installed Full Coverage Ice and Water Shield across the entire overhang to provide excellent roof protection against water infiltration. Our use of the best roofing products available ensures a consistent, quality installation that is built to last.

You will see in the photos and videos below, as well as the gratitude in our customer’s voice, that our roofing quality and customer service are top notch.

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Installing Ridge Caps using SureNail® Technology

Installing Full Coverage Ice & Water Shield

Customer Testimonial – Total Roof Replacement in Sicklerville, NJ