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Professional Roofing Tile Installation and Repair Services for Sarasota, FL and surrounding areas.


Don’t ignore tile roof repairs – they can lead to larger issues!

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Tile roof repair is important to keeping the safety, security, efficiency, and beauty of your roof intact. Surf and Turf Roofing specializes in tile roof repair. While tile roofs are meant to withstand a lot of what mother nature can throw at it, there will always be times when tiles need to be removed or replaced. Don’t ignore the missing tiles you find today because they can lead to things like leaks, or worse, tomorrow.

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Tile roofs are built to withstand the Florida elements

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It is important for your roof to be able to withstand all kinds of dangerous weather. Which is why in Florida, maintaining your tile roof is incredibly important. A tile roof is built to last in plenty of extreme conditions. They are meant to stay cool in the excessive Florida heat, making them very energy efficient. They are also built to tolerate the severe wind gusts during hurricane season. A tile roof can also maintain its vibrant color despite the elements and normal wear on a roof.

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Surf & Turf Roofing can help fix your tile roof issues.

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Let Surf and Turf Roofing help you maintain your tile roof so little issues do not become big ones. We can also assess the status of your tile roof and let you know how you can extend the overall life of your roof, saving you money. There should be no need to replace an entire roof before you should have to!


So if you see any issues with your current tile roof (missing tiles, cracked tiles, broken tiles, leaks), give us a call today. We can help protect your home from the Florida elements before they do any more damage to your roof!


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